WSDA Certified Organic

Organic Strawberries: Albion

Organic Raspberries: Autumn Bliss, Caroline, Cascade Delight, Cascade Gold, Malahat, and Munger.

Organic Blueberries: Aurora, Blue Crop, Duke, Liberty, and Reka.

Organic Blackberries: Chester and Marionberry

Organic Blackberry/Raspberry:  Tayberry, and Loganberry

WSDA Certified Transitional

Transitional Blueberries: Elliot, Last Call, Titan, and Vernon

Transitional Raspberries: Cascade Delight, Cascade Gold, and  Rudy

Transitional Blackberries: Columbia Star


Strawberries: Honeoye, Puget Crimson, and Rainer

*During the Spring and Summer months these are treated with the same inputs we use on our organic berries. They had an organic feather meal fertilizer in the early Spring and we use the same organic fungicide on them as we do on our certified organic Albion strawberries. The main difference is that in the Fall, after harvest is over, we use a conventional herbicide on them. They are not grown using plastic mulch like our Albion berries and it is hard to keep weeds down without the plastic mulch.